[Gmsh] Mesh exporting from Gmsh to Fluent

Oguz Emre oguz.emre at lmsintl.com
Mon Mar 1 17:14:53 CET 2010



     I have got a little question regarding the mesh exporting from Gmsh
to Fluent:


I created a 3D mesh of a cylinder. And I managed to export it to Fluent
by converting it .unv format. Up to now, everything is okay. I can
visualise the mesh on Fluent. But when it comes to define boundary
conditions, I realised that the physical surfaces that I assigned as
boundary conditions didn't work on Fluent. So I can not choose the right
surfaces for the boundary conditions. 


Could you please help me in defining the right BCs in .unv file. ?


I think that this subject must have been treaten before. But as I am new
at Gmsh, I couldn' find any responses to my problem.

By the way, I am so thankfull to the Gmsh developers as they created
such a userfriendly open mesh generator.


Best Regards,




Enclosed: I attached a  .geo and a  .unv files. 

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