[Gmsh] Meshing the area between an STL-merged object and surrounding box.

Greg Retkowski greg at rage.net
Wed Feb 14 14:30:55 CET 2007

  I'm trying to do some work with an STL-merged object and could use
some help.

I have an STL model which I'd like to use for a CFD problem (via
OpenFlower). My plan is to create a box around the object, one end would
be the inlet, the other end the outlet, and the remaining sides of the
box would be boundary walls.

I use 'merge' at the beginning of my gmsh file, and then set up a box
around my model. I set up the physical walls and volumes and then
attempt to mesh. The results are either that the STL object is meshed
(internal to the object) or no mesh is generated. I've tried lots of
different things in the geo file but cannot get it to mesh the area in
the box.

The STL & Gmsh GEO file are available via these links...

Any advice on getting the area between the STL object and the box
surrounding it would be greatly appreciated!

-- Greg

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