[Gmsh] Coherence

Philippe Lussou plussou at necs.fr
Thu May 13 00:44:14 CEST 2004

Hi every body,

I've used GMH to create a quite sophisticated 3D geometry. I've defined
several Functions to create simples elements and I call my functions in a
"central" script. The problem I met is explained bellow with a simple

In "example.geo" when the Coherence function is called, the Transfinite
algorithm does'nt work any more because the modes 5 and 8 has been
removed. When Coherence is not called, Transfinite algorithm works but the
mesh is not coherent.

I thought about a fonction like :

p1 = Coherence Point { X0, Y0, Z0, LC } ;

that would return a new number if there no point at { X0, Y0, Z0 } and
return the number of the point at { X0, Y0, Z0 } if it exists.

What do you think about that ?

 Philippe Lussou
 Numerical Engineering & Consulting Services
 NECS  16-18, rue Dubrunfaut  75012 PARIS FRANCE

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