[Gmsh-announce] New Gmsh release: 1.56

Christophe Geuzaine geuzaine at acm.caltech.edu
Sun Oct 17 07:17:36 CEST 2004

This release contains small updates and bug fixes all over the map, as
well as a new utility to reorder mesh files (utils/misc/mshsort.cpp).

Downloads, mailing lists, etc.: http://www.geuz.org/gmsh/

New in 1.56: new post-processing option to draw a scalar view raised
by a displacement view without using Plugin(DisplacementRaise) (makes
drawing arbitrary scalar fields on deformed meshes much easier);
better post-processing menu (arbitrary number of views+scrollable+show
view number); improved view->combine; new horizontal post-processing
scales; new option to draw the mesh nodes per element; views can now
also be saved in "parsed" format; fixed various path problems on
Windows; small bug fixes.

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