Christophe Geuzaine
Postdoctoral Scholar
Caltech, Applied and Computational Mathematics
1200 E California Blvd Pasadena CA 91125 USA
Tel: 1 626 395 4552

The Knudsoft Company

Knudsoft (RS.2 Computer Room)
Tel: +01-(0)2-434.23.23

Bip B. Knudson
aka road runner
Somewhere close to a falling rock

Daffy Duck Knudson, Bugs Bunny and Mr. Pluto
aka gnat, gnu and pluto
10/02, 05/11 and 01/01
Tel: +01-(0)2-765.43.21
Mobile: +01-(0)5-555.55.55
Account: 010-1234567-05
Haight Street 512 Novosibirsk 80214 Gnuland
Tel: +01-(0)2-876.54.32
University of Novosibirsk, Department of Octopus Parthenogenesis

Donald Ernest Knudson
Tel: +01-(0)2-234.56.78
1952 Permafrost Press Award winner

Microknud Corp.
Haight Street 513 Novosibirsk 80214 Gnuland
Tel: +01-(0)2-465.83.99
Fax: 005.79.00

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